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So I watched President Obama's speech today and amongst all the stuff about the US taking a greater presence and influence in APAC I noticed that "protecting Intellectual Property" one of the points.

Updated 26/11/'11

So Australia and the US are such great buddies that we deserve ProtectIP/SOPA extended to us? Yay! But shouldn't we be helpful and whisper in the US's ear "our Clean Feed didn't work, and neither will yours!" as a good friend should?

What is the Protect IP act?  See this site: which is a site organised by reputable organisations such as the EFF, Mozilla and the Creative Commons project. It's clearly a ridiculous idea riddled with problems and holes. Eric Schmidt gently framed it as "A simple solution to a complex problem" saying that it will not work.

SOPA - the Stop Online Piracy Act is also bothersome and offensive as it will allow the US Department of Justice to seek court orders outside US jurisdiction.

Here is an excerpt of the speech.

The United States remains the world’s largest and most dynamic economy. But in an interconnected world, we all rise and fall together. That’s why I pushed so hard to put the G20 at the front and center of global economic decision-making -- to give more nations a leadership role in managing the international economy, including Australia. And together, we saved the world economy from a depression. And now, our urgent challenge is to create the growth that puts people to work. We need growth that is fair, where every nation plays by the rules; where workers rights are respected, and our businesses can compete on a level playing field; where the intellectual property and new technologies that fuel innovation are protected; and where currencies are market driven so no nation has an unfair advantage.



Some believe that this was actually targeted at China, however I initially interpreted this as "we're gonna make you play by our rules".

Fuck off.

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