Snorkelling at Perth


I was in Perth for 2014 and for a place that I've heard sucks, I'm mostly seeing the opposite.


The view from near Mudurup Rocks.

Like Dirk Hohndel's talk, this post is not so much about technology as it is about the sea. I meant to write this post before I had even left Perth but I ended up getting sidetracked by LCA and general horseplay.

After Kate Chapman's enjoyable keynote I decided to blow that popsicle stand and snorkel at Cottesloe Reef (pdf) which is a FHPA (Fish Habitat Protection Area) just 30 minutes from the conference venue by bus.

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Comments 2014 - I'm Going


Last week (or there-abouts) I registered for 2014, booked flights and accommodation and then gave away literally all my savings to pay for it all. The conference itself is cheap, it's all the extra things that really cost money.

I have a feeling I will particularly enjoy LCA2014 because I'm keen to chase down some people who have some similar interests. Python, private email and federated social networking are on my agenda. I will also get my act together and take part in the keysigning (which I assume will happen) because it's been shown that building a web of trust is now more important than ever.

There are probably some other things I will do in Perth while I am there. Hopefully I can get some savings together and do the extra little things that make the trip worth it.


Apache mod_spdy - SPDY Protocol Support for Apache


I was procrastinating and running out of things to do when I saw the news item saying that there was a thing called mod_spdy for Apache.

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Remember Linux Counter?


Linux counter has been revamped!

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